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We focus on developing communities, cultivating engagement & analysing data. We aim to understand what people - users, customers, fans - pay attention to - how, when and why they use social platforms and based on this we tailor content strategy that fits your brand, strengthens your message and immerses your audience.  


Understanding why & how people use social media is our jam


We have noticed that small music businesses and new start-ups tend to struggle with finding the time and money to work on and implement new marketing strategies. That's why we've created great value-for-money packages that offer cost-effective social media marketing that works.


we like to make things easy 

choose either our Essential or Professional package as a base
and then add any of the boosters that work for your business  



Facebook + Instagram

Facebook & Instagram are today's most important social networks. Take control of your brand online with social media marketing done right. 

Starting at only


per month 


facebook, instagram + TWITTER

Introduce another social network into the mix to reach new audiences, develop your brand and strengthen your online marketing strategy.   

Starting at only


per month

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